Seamless Smart Grid Management

The new version of the Xelas Energy Management products now supports the IEC 61850 Standards Edition 2.

For over 25 years, Xelas Software products have been performing management operations for millions of network elements around the world. Xelas Software provides market leaders such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Motorola, Ericsson, IBM, NTT, NEC, Samsung, and Huawei with key software components and outstanding support for their network management solutions.

Building upon this experience, Xelas Energy Software has developed an advanced product line, the Xelas Energy Management (XEM) product suite for comparable functionality in smart grid management.

The Xelas Energy Management (XEM) product line of essential smart grid management software allows customers to easily add IEC61850 communication or to integrate with already existing devices or applications. The products facilitate the gradual implementation of an open, powerful, efficient and flexible smart grid communication framework for seamless smart grid management, based on an advanced mix of IT and OT features.

The XEM product line combines IT, Energy and communication technology into unique key Technical Features differentiating our products from other brands. The value the products bring to Equipment Vendors, System Integrators and Operators are described in more detail on the Customer Value page.

Xelas Energy Management (XEM) components are fully owned, developed and supported by Xelas Energy Software. They include ALL layers of the IEC61850 communication stack, the MMS protocol, and layers based on OSI standards. This one-stop-shop approach ensures effective support and rapid product development.

61850 Protocol

Binary or Source code C libraries for:

  • MMS, SV or GOOSE
  • Common ACSI Management Layer including manufacturing API
  • Example code libary including scripting environment
  • RTOS Mapping Library for rapid platform portation
  • Off-the-shelf mappings for pSOS, vxWorks and embedded Linux
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61850 Client/Server Toolkits

61850 Client and Server Development including:

  • JAVA, C++ and C Development
  • Fully customizable Scripting Environment
  • 61850 Edition 1 and 2 fully supported
  • Out of the box WEB GUI and Database
  • MMS, GOOSE, Sampled Values
  • Integrated or Stand Alone Client and Server Simulators
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XEM Integration

Dynamic Smart Grid Integration Platform

  • Seamless 61850 Mediation Adaptor
  • SCADA 5/104 Mediation
  • Out of the box support for: MMS, GOOSE, SNMP, OPC, XML
  • Dynamic Reconfigurable with Java Script
  • Highly Scalable and Performant
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