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Technical Overview

61850 Client /Server Simulators

Using simulators

IEC 61850 Simulators are very powerful development tools, since newly developed system interfacing functions can directly be tested/verified with a simulated remote system.   The IEC 61850 Client Simulator provides a basic, full functioning 61850 client application out of the box.  After set-up, you have everything you need to simulate this side of the communication. Our IEC 61850 Server Simulator can be loaded with the IED/device SCL file, and then is ready to simulate your device. Also typical behavior of the (to-be-simulated) IED can be simulated, using scripts.

To further ensure that clients and/or servers are working according to the defined IEC 61850 standards, we provide a very feature-rich optional product, the IEC 61850 Conformance Test Suite with 200+ test scripts which implement the IEC 61850-10 test cases.

Product Highlights

  • Multiple transport protocols supported: MMS, GOOSE, Routed-GOOSE, Sampled Values. Routed-SV
  • Individual tests as well as regression test capabilities
  • Web GUI as well as test script interface
  • SCL import and browse capability
  • 61850 edition 1 and 2 fully supported including all operations
  • Multiple information models supported such as 61850-7-420(DER), 61850-7-410(Hydro), 61850-7-x(substations) and 61400(Windpower)
  • Full ACSI layer implementation
  • Extendable with IEC 62351-4 and IEC 62351-6 Security plugins
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows
  • Scalable and capable of testing a large number of IEDs and applications

61850 Client Simulator

The 61850 Client Simulator provides a full development environment to rapidly develop IEC 61850 Regression and Unit test applications to test conformant equipment

  • SCL import and browse capability
  • Web GUI provides ability to send/receive requests and browse data
  • Web GUI also displays IEDs values and status including GOOSE/SV indications
  • Perl script interface can be used to construct specific customer test scenarios
  • Test Data persistence via integrated database
  • All communication protocols supported
  • Fully customizable scripting environment
  • Optional IEC 61850 Conformance Test Suite with 200+ tests available
  • Fully automated long duration regression tests
  • Automatic generation of HTML reports, Log files and Wireshark captures

61850 Server Simulator

The 61850 Server Simulator provides a full QA environment which can simulate one or multiple 61850 devices

  • SCL import capability
  • All communication protocols supported including MMS, GOOSE, SV
  • Fully customizable scripting environment
  • IEC 61850 Conformance test tools included
  • Dynamic loadable test scenario capability
  • Fully automated long duration client/server regression tests

Download the 61850 Simulators Datasheet for more information.

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