IEC 61850 Conformance Test Suite

Vendors, who develop their own 61850 network devices or management systems want to be sure about their compliance and system documentation, long before they get the external official certificate.

During system upgrades, customer integration tests or during development projects there is a steady need to verify functions are conformant to the standard. Using the test suite also helps for detailed understanding about the way the IEC-61850 standard is structured.

During substation engineering, especially when using multiple vendors, standard conformance testing can save a lot of time. The integration of DER, distributed energy resources such as wind and solar, also requires further standardization because of the diversity of DER systems.

The IEC 61850 Conformance Test Suite is compatible with:

  • IEC 61850-10 Ed 2 : Conformance Testing
  • UCA International Users Group Testing Sub Committee:
    • Conformance Test Procedures for Server Devices with IEC 61850-8-1 Edition 2 interface

IEC-61850 Conformance Test Suite Highlights

  • Multiple instances of IEC 61850 clients and servers can be simulated and run simultaneously. The architecture allows for flexible distribution and is very scalable.
  • Complete support for all IEC 61850, edition 1 and edition 2,  defined functions. Persistent and non-persistent datasets are supported. Currently the test suite includes approximately 200+ different test scripts.
  • Protocol and script support include MMS, SV and GOOSE. Routed-GOOSE and Routed-SV are also implemented
  • IEC 62351-4 and IEC 62351-6 Security plugins are also available
  • Communication between equipment and controllers can be tested with a high degree of automation. All tests are implemented using scripts. The scripts range from elementary operations, full test suite scripts, user-cases, administrative and report scripts.
  • The 61850 WEB GUI is integrated with the test suite functionality and has capabilities to view test results together with log and Wireshark capture files.
  • Test reports are easy to interpret for rapid bug fixing. Failing tests can be easily identified both graphically and through analysis of test reports. Running the test suite also results in a complete HTML report being generated.
  • Test reports include information from all protocol layers: ACSI, MMS and the underlying OSI layers (all are Xelas implementations).
  • Easily configurable for communication with third party client/servers and/or simulators.
  • Possibility to maintain multiple test configurations with capability to specify customer details, client/server type (Xelas Energy or third party), disable/enable test control blocks and individual test cases.
  • Once the test suite request is triggered, scripts conformant with IEC61850-10 will send requests between client and server and results can be monitored in the GUI. Logs, captures and results are visible.
  • Regression tests can be run, allowing repeated execution of tests between 61850 client and server components. In this way very large numbers of operations can be run in an automated fashion.

Download the IEC 61850 Conformance Test Suite Datasheet for more information.

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