61850 Protocol Stack Libraries

Xelas Energy offers complete stacks of IEC 61850 protocols, all developed in-house.

IEC 61850 protocols include:

  • MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification)    – Client/Server communication (below the ACSI layer).
    • Including RFC1006                                      – when TCP/IP is used on the lowest four protocol layers
    • Including ISO CO T-Profile TP4/CLNP      – when TCP/IP is not used
  • SV (Sampled Values)                                                 – Unicast and Multicasting
  • GOOSE                                                                         – Generic Object Oriented Substation Events
  • SNTP                                                                             – Time Synchronization

With this full set of protocol libraries, Xelas Energy is one of a few vendors worldwide who have a complete in-house software implementation for all the protocol layers included in the IEC 61850 standards.

The protocols listed above are (of course) an integral part of the 61850 Client / Server Toolkits.

But the protocols are also available in Protocol Library format with the following features:

  • High-Level ACSI API which greatly reduces development and testing time
  • C-API library for high performance
  • Binary or Source code libraries
  • Platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, VxWorks, embedded Linux

Download more 61850 Product Documentation.

To order an evaluation package or get more information about the various protocol libraries please email: info@xelasenergy.com