About Xelas Energy

 Xelas Energy is a division of Xelas Software with development offices in the USA and Europe.

Xelas Energy is one of few software vendors with development tools , SCL-engineering tools, simulation tools, own protocols stacks and test tools for IEC-61850 management applications.

Furthermore Xelas Energy offers integration/mediation technology for 61850-data into CIM for business applications like data driven asset management.

With our combined network and IT systems know-how, and our combined energy- and telecom management experience, we can assist you in finding and building the world-best solutions.

The resulting Xelas Energy system architecture creates very substantial business benefits

For Equipment Vendors

  • Lower development cost
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduces interoperability testing

For System integrators and application vendors

  • Rapid development of new functionality
  • Tools for fast and reliable simulation, SCL-editing and conformance testing


  • Standards-based network operations, engineering and maintenance
  • Independent multi-vendor integration
  • Linking network and business, OT and IT
  • Complete and structured network data or comprehensive network reporting
  • enabling business applications to analyze life-network data, ensuring better Return on Investment on network equipment and lower total cost of ownership

To contact Xelas Energy or to receive more information please email: info@xelasenergy.com