Training Services Overview

Xelas Energy recognizes the steep learning curve for developers, engineers and users and testers considering IEC-61850 .  Our customer support team is now offering training courses that provide a solid introduction to the IEC-61850 standards. The training combines this theoretical information with practical examples based on our products. This makes the theory very tangible, and much easier to understand and use. Training can also be offered as part of a professional service engagement.

IEC 61850 Standards training (1-day)

IEC 61850 Standards and Protocol training covering the following:

  • general introduction and concepts
  • MMS, RFC-1006
  • SCL configuration architecture/examples
  • IEC 61850 (standards: 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • IEC 61400
  • IEC 62351 security
  • IEC61850-80-1: integration 60870-5-104 and 61850

Xelas Energy Products training (1-day)

Xelas Energy products training covering the following:

  • Basic introduction to 61850 protocols: MMS, GOOSE, SV, RFC-1006
  • Xelas Energy 61850 product overview
    • Product Architecture: Distributed Services, RDBMS, Database Schema, Process Management
    • Web GUI and Command Line interface
    • Services: Testsuite, Process management
    • IED Modelling
    • Seamless Integration Solutions
    • Webservices Integration (XML, RDF, IEC 61968-100 with IEC-61850)

Training Costs and details

  • Training fee: $1,500 per day per attendee
  • Training includes hands-on sessions (Laptop required)
  • Training includes lunch and free USB with Xelas Energy Products evaluation image
  • Training locations are listed below. Customer Location sessions can be scheduled upon request

Training Locations


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