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IEC 62351 – Security is an Energy Business Necessity

Do not leave the back door open!!

Utility companies spend a lot of their resources on avoiding cyber-attacks. And rightly so! Because an intruder in a utility network can easily disrupt society, causing tremendous damage. This is why the security features of firewalls, control centers and WANs are reviewed by experts, and why intruder detection systems are installed.

But what is the purpose of installing safe locks on your front door, when you leave your back door open?

And this is exactly what most utility companies still do!  While securing the WAN and the central features, utility companies use unsecured and unencrypted protocols within their substations.  A simple protocol analyzer can read login-IDs and passwords, and the commands to substation components can be monitored and manipulated.

That is why the IEC  gave IEC-62351, the secure authentication and encrypted exchange of IEC 61850 traffic, such a high priority. With an easy add-on to the IEC-61850 protocol stack, the backdoor is now locked.

Xelas Energy servers, clients and protocols can be enhanced with secure IEC based communication, based on the IEC-61351 standard. Our software supports all the defined operations, so open interoperability is assured.

For more technical information about the Xelas Energy 62351-implementation see the IEC 62351 Product page.

Download the IEC 62351 Security Datasheet.

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