Technical Differentiators

Xelas Energy differentiators

Xelas Energy products focus on enabling seamless smart grid network management.

Our portfolio ranges from developing IEC 61850 server functionality in embedded systems, via the various protocol stacks, to out-of-the box Client systems for the control of all underlying systems and to build a structured logical model of the network.

We offer many tools (such as advanced APIs, supporting libraries, simulators, modellers and test tools)  to hide some of the detailed complexity of the IEC 61850 protocols and models, to enable developers to use modern web-based development methods, and to ensure these developments are efficient, reliable and standard compliant.

On top of this smart grid management foundation, we allow open and easy service- and application development of advanced business process support systems, for example through SOA-based integration with CIM.

Below we explain in a bit more detail how our various products work together towards this ONE idea.