IEC 61400 Windpower Solutions

For the management of wind power plants, The IEC developed a dedicated management standard, IEC 61400-25. This comprehensive standard describes the information model, the exchange model and the mapping to various communication protocols, used between wind turbines (they are regarded as IEC “servers”) and the SCADA management system of the network operator (they are regarded as IEC “client systems”).

The 61400-25 information model is very comparable to the 61850 models, and Xelas Energy could elegantly included the support of this standard in its development tools and testing tools. So- wherever we discuss/mention IEC 61850, the support of the IEC 61400 specifics is implicitly included.

Xelas Energy Management solutions for IEC 61400-25

Xelas Energy Software has implemented various components needed to provide a total energy management solution for a wind power plant.

IEC 61400-25 communication model

Standard compliant Communication Protocols

The 61400-25 standard provides specific models and features for the management of wind energy systems. The general standard architecture is very similar to 61850.  IEC 61400 also deploys communication protocols like GOOSE, SSV and MMS. Additional protocol mappings have been developed for 61400. Xelas Energy has implementations for all these protocols.

Client Management System Development Environment

Equipment vendors and Service providers need 61400 standard compliant Management Systems. Most often they are integrated into SCADA. But also fully standard-based control systems. Xelas Energy Software provides the toolkits and APIs for the rapid building of these solutions. For information see the Client and embedded Server solution pages.