61850 Embedded Server/Client Development

Developing communication functions on different equipment, with a variety of embedded operating systems,  requires a special set of dedicated functionality.  The 61850 Embedded Toolkit supports the rapid and reliable development of  61850 Embedded Clients or 61850 Embedded Servers.

Embedded 61850 servers make your device communicate to the wider 61850 standard management system.   Embedded 61850 clients can be used for process-bus or station-bus internal communication.

The 61850 Embedded Toolkit focuses on the delivery of fully functional clients or servers, are very lightweight and with highly performant. The product includes dedicated advanced functions to link with the existing device software. The key to easily implementable and reliable linking to device software lies in our “Jupiter-library” , a library hides the OS-specific functionality behind an easy-to-use API.  It covers a wide set of system connect functions out-of-the-box, as default.  The Jupiter library is designed on top of our Embedded Transport Services (ETS), our widest deployed embedded protocol product (for example used by NSN, Samsung, Alcatel Lucent, NEC, Huawei and Ericsson). The whole architecture is written in portable C-code and can easily be ported onto different embedded RTOS (real time operation systems).

Customer experiences show that this layered architecture for embedded systems saves up to 70% of time and effort in the development of the embedded server/client.  First of all by providing the Jupiter library and its interconnect functions to the device RTOS out-of-the-box.  Additional development cost savings are achieved by our advanced ACSI protocol layer, also applicable to our embedded products.

Product Highlights

  • 61850 Edition 1 and 2 fully supported including all operations
  • Architecture optimized for embedded RTOS
  • C development Environment
  • All ACSI operations are implemented. This greatly reduces application development time compared to just a standard MMS API Library
  • ACSI Operations are implemented in a seperate task independent from the used transport (MMS, GOOSE, SV)
  • Multiple transport protocols supported: MMS, GOOSE, Sampled Values
  • Multiple information models supported such as 61850-7-420(DER), 61850-7-410(Hydro), 61850-7-x(substations) and 61400(Windpower)

Technical Differentiators compared to other Vendors

The 61850 Embedded Toolkit provides more functionality than comparable 61850 products.

  • All communication protocols supported
  • Easy porting to RTOSs  through the  Jupiter library, on top of ETS (embedded transport service)
  • Full implementation of ACSI Layer functions in a separate task, enabling much faster development
  • Simulator and Conformance test tools included

Application Development Features

The 61850 Embedded development Toolkit provides a full development environment for  IEC 61850 embedded applications.

Some application development features of the 61850 Embedded Development Toolkit:

  • Fully implemented ACSI layer reduces greatly the application development time compared to “plain MMS”  libraries sold by competitors
  • 61850 Server Simulator facilitates rapid Test and QA cycles
  • Multi-tasking embedded Architecture which can be customized to fit your hardware
  • Jupiter RTOS porting library facilitates quick embedded portation of the product

Download the 61850 Embedded Toolkit Datasheet for more information.

To order an evaluation package or get more information about the Xelas Energy 61850 products please email: info@xelasenergy.com