Porting into embedded RTOS made easy

The Jupiter Library

Development of embedded clients and servers requires special features. Not only do the programs need to be very light weight, they still need demonstrate a very high performance. Because process bus interactions are often very high speed, and system resources are limited.

The integration with the device logic needs solid knowledge about the device functions, and everything needs to run on the existing real time operating system of the device.And there are many different RTOSs.

To make the RTOS bonding a lot easier, Xelas Energy provides its Jupiter library, which hides the OS-specific functionality behind an easy-to-use API.  It covers a wide set of system connect functions out-of-the-box, as default.  The library, running directly on top the Xelas embedded transport services (ETS), our widest deployed embedded protocol product (for example used by NSN, Samsung, Alcatel Lucent, NEC, Huawei and Ericsson). The whole architecture is written in portable C-code and can easily be ported onto different embedded RTOS (real time operation systems).

Because the specific bonding for these system connect functions is already in place (by installing the Jupiter library), this spares a lot of time and effort for the developers.  For more details, pls look at our embedded development page.