Our complete IEC-61850 conformance test/verification system

IEC-61850 Conformance Test Suite

Vendors, who develop their own 61850 network devices or management systems want to be sure about their compliance and system documentation, long before they get the external official certificate.

During system upgrades, customer integration tests or during projects there is a steady need to verify functions are conformant to the standard. Using the test suite also helps for detailed understanding about the way the IEC-61850 standard is structured.

During substation engineering (especially when using multiple vendors), standard conformance testing can save a lot of time. The integration of DER (distributed energy resources such as wind and solar) also requires further standardization because of the diversity of DER systems.  So standard protocol functions need to be well understood, and sufficiently verified without a huge amount of manpower.

The Xelas Energy conformance Test Suite provides a solid, and very competitive solution for any type of test.

  • Real devices, IEDs and/or simulators can be connected
  • their configurations can be (auto)discovered or (using the existing SCL file) be loaded
  • 61850-defined tests can be run stand-alone or in defined subsets
  • tests can be grouped similar to official certification tools
  • also new tests scripts can be developed.
  • Results are fully logged, can be easily analyzed and collected
  • issues can easily be detected and debugged.
  • The suite is build up to provide a complete dataset, required for official 61850 certification.