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Technical Overview

61850 Client development

Xelas Energy offers an advanced 61850 Client development Environment.  The 61850 Client development environment is based on  latest technology, with a lean protocol adaptation and an open database management layer.  On top of the IEC 61850 information basic data, a webserver-based architecture is offered for flexible usage.

Product Highlights

  • 61850 edition 1 and 2 fully supported including all operations
  • JAVA, C++ and C development
  • Standard Web GUI and Database Integration
  • ACSI Library provides for rapid 61850 development. Not just a MMS API but a fully functional 61850 ACSI library
  • All 61850 protocols: MMS, GOOSE, Sampled Values
  • Multiple information models supported: 61850-7-420(DER), 61850-7-410(Hydro), 61850-7-x(substations) and 61400(Windpower)
  • Extendable with IEC 62351-4 Security plugin
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, HPUX, Solaris
  • Scalable and capable of supporting a large number of IEDs

Technical Differentiation compared to other Vendors

The 61850 Client Toolkit provides substantially more functionality than other 61850 “basic stack” vendors, due to our fully developed ACSI layer library.

  • Java, C++, C and XML APIs
  • ACSI Library implementation drastically reduces development time
  • Data persistence via integrated database storage
  • Web GUI available for easy monitoring and integration
  • Standard XML and ODBC Protocol Adaptors
  • All communication protocols supported
  • Fully customizable scripting environment
  • Simulator and Conformance test tools included
  • Fully automated long duration client/server regression tests

For a more detailed description of why the Xelas 61850 Client Toolkit is superior to any other product please see the technical Differentiators page.

Application Development Features

The 61850 Client Toolkit provides a full development environment to rapidly develop IEC 61850 Client applications.

Some application development features of the 61850 Client Development Toolkit:

  • JAVA J2EE Framework API
  • Built-in persistent storage of all data through ODBC adaptors
  • 61850 Server Simulator facilitates fast Test and QA cycles
  • Multi-threaded Architecture
  • Standard Web GUI integration
  • Multiple APIs including XML, JAVA, C++ and C
  • Multiple northbound interfaces (IEC 61870-5-104, Webservices, OPC)

Download the 61850 Client Toolkit Datasheet for more information.

To order an evaluation package or get more information about the Xelas Energy 61850 products please email: